Erica Rodriguez (justin_n_erica) wrote,
Erica Rodriguez

I love My Barbie dolls

So the subject is "I love my Barbie doll" and its kinda stupid cause it has nothing to do with dolls. HAHAHAHA yeah so ummm its 2:42 and i feel like going to the liqor store across the street and buy me some cigarettess and some magazines cause i feel like reading. Havent really written anything in here for a while but I've been doing lots of things worth talking about. Yeah so i've been watching tv and talking to chris and i kinda agree with him now and i will admit that mandy moore and britney spears are the 2 hottest white girls in the world. Damm that mandy makes me want to go to the bathroom right now, i cant wait for her new movie to come out. She is so hot, hahaha. I wonder if thinking other girls are sexy makes me bi? Oh yeah i've been betting with chris and i lost like all the bets we have ever had and now i owe him, lol im gonna give him what he wants tomorrow or by the end of the weekend. Hey chris you'll have your pics and strip dance by the end of the weekend, hahhaha.
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