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Ok so here I am once again writing in my lj. Right now I am kind of scared. Well let's see, I got home from my sisters house around 5:30, as soon as I walked in the house my dad goes put it on the weather channel, I was like ok. I turned it on and I saw that this storm was heading right towards us. I was yeah yeah whatever the weather channels always lie. Well most of the time they do. So anyways, my mom kept calling form work saying how is it, how is it? I was like "its ok, its calm, there isnt even any wind or anything" she was like "o ok". Ok well around 11 it got bad, it was very very windy. At 1 oh man it BAD. Its all this storm claudette. Man it sucks big time, but right now I am scared it sounds so bad out side, there are tree branches out side my house, in my yard. But right now well its 2:30 already, it looks like its calming down a whole lot than what it was before. Well I guess thats all for now see ya!!

Love Always,

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