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Well what's been up? Well HA HA my little sister and me have been fighting a whole lot, truthfully I wouldn't call it fighting it's more like umm HA HA, oh I dont know having fun. Well the last time I was going to burn her hair and she bit my arm, which by the way looks UGLY. Man it looks as if someone abuses me. HA HA. Anyways, well today was another round. HA HA. Man we werent even fighting, she was tickling me and I am Very ticklish. Well anyways, I was sitting on he bunk bed, and she was going to tickle me and I move back really fast and pow I hit all my fucking head, I hit it hard, I have a big bump, I cant even comb my hair it hurts. HA HA. But it was funny, HA HA HA. Y jo, then I told her who was on the phone, and she goes it was Brian, I go man that fool. She's like yeah he said he was coming over to come see you. I go tell him lets go cruising, Then she's like man he will probably belive me. I go, HA HA, BUT he has to provide the car, gah this dude is a Freshmen, what a loser. Yeah I guess thats all, oh yeah Jenn came over to my house and DELETED all my music from my play list. Can she be any more of a loser? HA HA. SOOOOOO next subject......... Well hmmm.... Oh shit I broke Ozzy's headphones. HA HA, don't tell him. HA HA HA HA. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Gah damn I have nothing else to write about. Umm Umm Umm, nope drawing a blank I guess thats all for now, till next time, mine my journals are like my convos with Rolando, We talk a lot for some time then we run out of things to talk about and its like sooooooooo, is any one gonna talk. HA HA, ok some how that made no sense, oh well. Well gots to go, see ya.

Love Always,

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