Erica Rodriguez (justin_n_erica) wrote,
Erica Rodriguez

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Well I was updating my journal yesterday but I went into another page and it closed my live journal what the fuck was that?? And I tried to go back to the page and my entire was not there so i was pissed as hell. And i wasn't even half way done with it, and I already had a lot. Damn that sucked, oh well not much I can do about that anymore huh! So yeah anyways, umm today was ok I guess, me and Jenn went to Wal-Mart to go buy some hair dye for her hair, I came back to her house and started dying her hair, the dye looked purple instead of red like it was suppose to. I didn't stay till she rinsed it off so I have no idea how it turned out. So oh well hopped it turned out nice. Well I guess thats all I did today. C-ya

Love Always,

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