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Well lets see. Not much had been going on really. Went to a quincenera with Jennifer and the guys this past Saturday. Yeah me and Robert. What can I say.. I have an abusive boyfriend.. I have like 5 bruises from him, but thats just the way we play around, no big deal really. Oh, well my dad still dont like Robert. Why well I think I know the reason bur I might be wrong or something. I dont know.. Oh well, thats all I can say. If he dont like it, he can kiss it. lol. Umm.. whatelse.. Oh its about time that Devon is spending less time with us, at times I felt as if I was going out with Robert and Devon at the same time. Mostly because everywhere Robert went Devon would go also. But yeah it got better now. Jennifer.. still with Shain. The biggest dork ever.. haha just kidding Jenn. Hmm I dont think I ever posted about the time that Enrique came down to visit. Well he came down on Janurary 1st. Well he left January 1st, and got here the 2nd. Hes a cute guy, he looks like a total gringo, but yet hes Mexican. Hes really white complected, whiter than Jenn. He has green eyes, ive always like guys with colored eyes. "BEAUTIFUL". Hes freakin tall I think hes taller than Shain. Anyways, well he got here around 5:30 in the morning. I was waiting for my mom to go to work so I could go with him. My mom had finally left so I took off. We went and as soon as I got to the Uncle Sams and got off we both started laughing. Lol. it was funny seeing each other for the first time. Then he said to go see if we could find him a hotel. We went to the Riata Inn.. too bad all the rooms were taken. Ok all the rooms were taken but there was only one or two cars there. He dindnt want to go to the other one so he said is there any in Carrizo. I go i dont know. So then hes like "im hungry" lol he says it funny, haha... love when he says it cause it sounds so weird.. Well anyways hes like lets go to Mcdonalds. I go ok. So we went back to my house to go drop off my car. Then we took off. We were talkin and everything on the way over there. It was nice. We got to Carrizo, and he goes.. is there any resturants open right now. I go not that I know of. Then im like you want to eat at a resturant at 7:00 in the morning. Hes like yeah. Well we went to Cleos/Churches. He wanted breakfast tacos. Eww he got Tripas. Yuck. Well he took me back home and he was gonna go to Eagle Pass to go see his mom. And that was the last time I saw him. He said that he called me and said if i wanted him to stop by my house on the way back and I didnt answer him. I really dont remember that, I was probably half asleep. Oops. Well I guess thats all that has happened.. Oh jenn I didnt tell you.. When Enrique came down, my intentions were to go with him back to dallas. All my shit was packed in the car already, but I didnt go after all. Sorry didnt tell you. I told Robert, and told him not to tell but I thought he would tell you. I guess not. SORRY!!!
Thats all for now.

Love Always,

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