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Well here I am at the library, I am "suppose" do be doing some research on my zoology class, something that has to do with fishes. Anyways, I have another research paper that is due for my phsycology class. Yeah so anyways lets see whats been going on?? Well, Jenn broke up with shain, and I broke up with Robert, well kinda broke up with him, I see him everyday anyways so its like were still going out or something like that. Ohh I finally got a car, its pretty small its a hyundai or some shit like that. Its black, 2002 four door, I really dont like it, but yeah its better than nothing. Well today is Devon's birthday, he's turning 16. What a loser!!! I am actually well i guess you can call it "dating" Enrique. Yeah I told him i wanted to date him. Shain is dating my cousin Christy. That HOE!!!! I wanna go visit Enrique during spring break, I really wanna go, not only to go see him but i wanna get out of here. Dallas is pretty at night, I know it is because on our way to Wisconsin we passed through dallas at night, and when we were coming back we had to go through it during the day, it looks better at night though. ahhh i love Enrique's green eyes. ahhh.... I was always attracted to white guys, I have no idea why.. Well anyways what else... I dont wanna go to school anymore, but doesn't everyone not want to go.. I guess i just got to suck it up huh?? Well I better get back to my "research"....... NOT I am going to go check my email. Bye bye.

Love Always,
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