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Damn- its all out!?!?!?!?!?!

Well here I am at the school library once again. I "suppose" to be doing my research once again, damn these computer suck though, on this one you can see all the letters all blurry and shit. Its hurting my eyes. Well anyways here is what has happened so far. Well me and Robert broke up. I really don't know if already wrote some of this stuff on my other entries, but as i was saying we broke up. Well its kinda like we did. Yet it still like were going out. Besides the point. Well yeah.
Oh we went to chester's birthday party this pass weekend. Hey it was valentines night, yeah thats when we went. Well I got fucked up, I wasn't going to but I dont know ir just happened I guess. At that party I remember being all over Robert, what the fuck was that? Oh yeah I threw up everything I drank all that night, I think it was because I hadnt eaten before I went to go drink, but then if I do eat I wind up throwing it up anyways. So either way I still lose.
I met this guy named Fracisco. He's from El Paso, but since he is in the Army he is in North Carolina right now. He is coming down this March. Robert wants him to stay here till his birthday. Yeah so by the 14th or 15th he will be here. He wants to go to Mexico. Damn its been a long ass time since I have actually been there. The last time I went there was in Korizza quincenera. But yeah, hes bringing his friend with him. Well actually his friend is the one that is going to drive over here, because the loser don't wanna drive. Again went off the subject there for a little bit.
This spring break I wanna go to Dallas. Yeah. I wanna go see Enrique, and get out of the house, cause I know I ain't really doing nothing this spring break. I told Enrique and he's like hurry up. But now I dont know, I hardly talk to him anymore. And his Ex moved back to Dallas, and i know she don't like me already, because she wanted to get back with Enrique and he said no because he was already with me. Drama already. Plus they have a little girl together, so I dont know. Oh yeah and last time he told me that Esme (his Ex)said that she wants Alexia (his little girl) to have a little brother or sister. But not a step brother or sister. So she told Enrique that if he would want to have a another kid with her. Enrique asked me what he should do. I told him well I dont know, thats your thing, I am not telling you to go and do it, but its your decision. He never gave me his answer. What do you think?? Oh well. I dont know. I sent him a text message, asking him if he still iked me like the way he use to. So now I gotta wait and see what he is going to say, if he says yes them were going to Dallas. If he says no... Well fuck it gotta move on huh?? I still like him, I really do. But how.... isnt this shot fake?? Lets move on...
Christy and Shain are going out.. They both suck... no good son of a B**** lol. Jenn was too good for him anyways. He wasnt good for you Jenn. You deserve better. A whole lot better. You never needed him. And never will. Ha Ha let christy put up with him, she;ll get tired after a while. They never see each other so hmm.... I dunno... My mind is kinda wandering off a little so I am just wrting whatever comes to mind.
There is another party this Friday. Yeah the other keg (budweiser) yeah they didnt finish it, they only finished the bud light.. So yup I wanna drink again..Told Robert we were spending the night at his house that night.. doubt we will.
What else can I write about?? speaking of drinking. me and Fracisco made a bet that he wouldnt be able to drink until a whole month. If he did, he would get an ass beating. I never said by who.. But he would get one. And if he did go without drinking I would have to buy him a six pack of beer. Yet I have to drink six of them with him. I lost the other bet we made. I couldnt sing that part from Marron 5 until he got here. Man I lost that bet about 2 hours later. That song is just stuck in my head. (this love has taken its toll on me, she said GOOD-BYE, too many times before) ha ha. Me and Enrique also made a bet, some time ago. That I couldnt go a whole day without calling him a "dork" or a "loser" he was right, but he acts like a dork and a loser all the time, and besides those words just come natural to me. So I cant stop no matter what.
Well this entrie was by far the most biggest entrie ever so I guess I better stop now. Well got to go. See-ya

Love Always,
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