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IM OUT!!!!

Well, all i got to say is that me and Jenn are out. The reason I am saying this is because now we are definitly out. Well it all started on Saturday, jenn, Heather, and me went to Virgo's brothers house to go drink over there because Robert had invited us over there. So we went, we were having a great time and what not. Talking I guess you can say. Well Jenn wanted some weed, yeah I know shes a loser.. Anyways Virgo didnt want to go get it because he was to "tired" to go. So I was like fuck it, when we go drop of heather, I guess I can take you. So went to go get it. After we got it we went to go get some zig zags. Jenn really had to go to the bathroom so I told her that she can go there... Well Korizza was being a bitch and said that there bathrooms werent working, which I kinda understand because the night before I had gone and they really werent working right, so we went to Robert. Who ever was outside must have gotten mad because I pulled up fast. Oh well. So we went to my sisters house because that was the only place we could smoke it at. So were there smoking and drinking.. We got drunk, I know I was drunk is because that is the only time that I actually dance. I was dancing a lot that night... SO then Jenn gets my cell to call her cousin... turns out to be that she called shain... why I dont know. Well anywyas.. we started crying.. now I know I got fucked up drinking and smoking cause that the only time we cry also... especially about robert and shain.. Well anyways, I told Jenn that I felt like if robert was using me.. u know for the car and money, not that I have a lot of it but anyways.. Yeah so it all came out.. So we talked to robert... he started crying because we told him we really didnt want to talk to him anymore.. So that is practically what happened.. Some how I thought I could make things work and the next day I went to go pick him up.. nope he was acting like a little bitch, so yeah since that day we havent spoke to him. BUT he says he misses us already.. this was only like a day after, what a bunch of bull shit. well class is about to start so I better get going, Ill write when I get home bye bye.

Love Always,

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