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Day 1 of our trip

Well I know it’s been a long ass time since I have written in thins thing... well let me kind of update you all with everything that has happened... Well about almost three weeks ago Jennifer and me went to Dallas. We went to go meet up with Enrique... the guy I like so much. Well he wound up being such an asshole... Well kind of. Well we took of Friday morning after we left the bank. We got there I would say around 4. I drove most of the way over there and Jennifer drove to Enrique’s Appt.
Well as soon as we got there, he goes what do u all want to do? We told him we needed to go to Wal-Mart to go get shampoo and stuff like that. So we got there. The stupid ass left us in the store and he went outside and sat in the car. Well anyways we left there… and we told him we were hungry we trying to figure out what the fuck we wanted to eat for like 15min… Finally we went to Sonic… We drove back to his house… Man we almost crashed… he drives fucking ugly as hell. Well we got to house safe and sound… The burgers we got from there were GOOD. Either that or we were just hungry. But damn… Well Enrique had to show his cousin some house or whatever so me and Jennifer stayed in the Appt. I was freaking tired so I slept, I don’t know if Jennifer slept or not but when I was awake she was watching Scary Movie. We wanted to watch How High but it was still in the wrapper. Well anyways Enrique finally got back and he asked what we wanted to do. We said we didn’t know. Well it’s Dallas and we really didn’t know what there is to do there.
So time passes and he says if we want to go to some bar that his friends were at. We said yes, so we all got dressed. We took off and he went to go buy some beer… he bought a 12 pack for Jennifer and him and he bought me a six pack of Smirnoff’s. Then he took us driving around Dallas. Dallas is beautiful at night. I always thought it was. Well we finally got to the bar and Jennifer had to go pee like always. So we stopped at this convenience store.
Well we got to the bar and at first they didn’t want to let us in, but Enrique’s friend just told us to get in. So me and Jennifer went to go sit down. As soon as we got there these guys started asking us to dance. So we dance most of the night. It was so fun in there. Enrique wound up paying about 60 dollars worth of beer, I think he was trying to get us drunk that’s why.
Well we finally left one of Enrique’s friends was with Jennifer Manuel and the other dude was walking behind me hugging me. We were going to Manuel’s Appt. so jennifer took off with him. Before I got into Enrique’s car that dude kissed me. Damn he was a good kisser. I really don’t know if Enrique saw me or not. Because I just remember Jennifer saying who your man? And I said Enrique.
So we went to Whataburger because Enrique was hungry. And of course Jennifer had to go pee again. But they were closed, and the guy was going to open the door but the manager said no. that guy was pretty cute also. Well we finally got to Manuel’s house. I have no idea how we got there but we made it. So Jennifer went in with Manuel and I was walking with Enrique, on the way over there he was talking to me about his kid. I really don’t know what he was saying because well I was drunk and when i am drunk I really don’t pay attention to what people are saying. So were there at Manuel’s house. I swear to god man I have never heard anyone’s cell phone ring more than Enrique’s. Well I was some what pissed for the fact that Enrique was on the phone the whole night. I would have kissed him or whatever but he never really gave me a chance. So oh well fuck that. Well Jennifer and Manuel were making out.
After a while we left. We went back to Enrique’s house. Jennifer started crying well we both did. We were drunk. We always cry when were drunk. I was talking to David most of the night. He made me feel better kind of. So Jennifer fell asleep and after a while I hung up with David and fell asleep also. And that was pretty much the first night of put little vacation. Pretty interesting huh, it gets better.Next post is day 2. Keep reading if you aren’t bored.

Love Always

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