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Day 3 of our Trip.

Well the third day I woke up with the biggest hangover. I woke up at 6pm. After I woke up me and Jennifer went to the pool. We were there for about 1 hour and a half just talking about things. When we got out we went to go shower. After that I ordered Pizza for all of us. We went to sleep early that day because the kids had to go school in the morning and Cindy had to work, plus we were going to come back home already. Well we took off at 12. On the way out of Killeen Jennifer was kind of lost. But we made it out. Outside of Austin we stopped for gas, and Robert called. He said he might be staying at Eagle Pass so I go ok. We will just stay in San Antonio. So I called my mom to give me my brother’s number, so we could stay there. So we got to San Antonio. We chilled at my brothers Appt, and played with the kids. Then we went to the mall. Me and Jennifer took pictures. Jennifer met this guy named Darrell. They hit it off. They exchanged numbers. So we went back home. I asked if they had eaten and they said yes so me Jennifer and baby Ralph went to McDonalds. After that, we went to the store to buy baby Ralph a ice cream. I kept telling Jennifer to take care of her kid. Ha-ha it was funny. U Had to be there. So we ate then went to bed. David had called that night, he said he was starting to get to know this girl. So we broke up. I still havethe messages he left on the phone.. well that’s pretty much what happened that day. And that was pretty much our little trip, NOW I got to tell you about all the shit that has been happening, but ill do that tomorrow. Well bye bye for now.

Love Always,

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