Erica Rodriguez (justin_n_erica) wrote,
Erica Rodriguez

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Well here I am posting in this thing once again. I really dont know what to write in this thing, well my computer crashed ince again, well it didnt really crash my fucked up siter must have deleted somethig cause windows wont start up. Antoine this online guy that yeah I got to admit I liked alot is being has been acting like a dick lately, he says there were test to see if I would stick by him. I guess i failed... plus hes in fucking Iraq, isnt that the biggest test ever? having to deal with the distance? yeah I think so, so fuck him and his test. Robert has been asking me out, I told him I would give him another chance just not now. I just dont want to go out with him yet.. maybe Ill say yes. SOMEDAY, tomorrow!! lol jk, well jenn is going to meet up with Ted, this guy I gave my number to when I was really drunk, I dont remember how the hell he looked. So yeah its likr a blind date kinda. hahaha. Will see how that goes, well ill write in this bitch later, and tell u how everything went.. PEAAAAAAAACE!

Love Always,

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