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umm i dunno.... whatever...

Well here i am writing in this thing once again. Well i thought i would just update on everything i have been doing since i really never get a chance to do it. Well here it is, hmm well there really aint much to say. Lets see well first of all i dont remember if I told you but Jenn finally met Ted, "blind date" kinda. Ew Ted was ugly, but Gabriel's friend Billy was actually pretty cute. Well Jenn wanted to do something with him, but well really i dont know how that really went, cause well now she talking to Gabriel. Well what else has happend? Well i have been thinking of getting back with Robert, i think i should just go out with him again, I mean we are always together. Its like were going out anyways. David asked me out, I said yes to him, but david lives in Houston, and I was just playing around with him when i said yes. I dont know if he took me seriously though. Oh well right? Well Devon started being an ass again, he needs to get laid or something. Shain, well shain has something going on with this pshyco lunatic Viviana. yeah shes weird but i guess that is what he wants. so havent really seen much of him lately. Havent really talked to enrique either, maybe hes in jail or something. I dont know. Then again he said he was going to start working, speaking of work i might get a jon working at a casino. I need a jazob, i need money. so hopefully I do get one. Oh yeah one last thing, I made a goal for myself, lets see if i can keep it. I aint going to drink until my birthday. Lets see if that last. Well I guess that is all for now ill type in thing thing for later. Oh yeah I really like Antoine. I dont know why but I do. well bye bye for now.

Love Always,


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