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wow, is right. Man I cant remember the last time I wrote in my "journal". lol  actually just felt like typing in general. I havent really "typed" in a while also, besides just updating my status on facebook. A bit rusty as far I as I can tell, lol I don't even remember where most of my keys are anymore. Besides my point lol.
Well, let me see.. Living with Robert been about five years now, Planing on getting married :) yay all smiles. We have actually been wanting to get married for a while, but never knew how expensive it was till now. So I think were just going to do the whole court thing and then just have like a big party or something. Only problem is Dont know wether to have it here in San Antonio or back in Crystal City.
Either way it's about time. lol. I love him, corny or not there are times I think about him and smile. yeah CORNY!! lol Still debating on wether or not to have kids or not, yeah almost nine years together and no kids. Maybe later. :]
Speaking of kids my brother n his wife had a baby. Jacob Jayden Rivera. ha a mexican baby with a whitte name and a mexican last name lol. love him though, even though he is evil. My lil brother had actually brain surgery about a year ago. They removed a tumor from his brain, about 27 staple from one side of the ear to the other. all went well, thank god.
Got out brand new truck stolen only after having it for less than 2 weeks. CRUSHING!!! They found it though. It was practically just the shell of the truck, cause everything else they took.  Why do bad things happend to good people?
Well so far thats all cya

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